hefur fjárfest í GCQuad, sem er nákvæmasti og glæsilegasti höggneminn(“launch monitor”) í dag. Allar mælingar verða því nákvæmari en nokkru sinni fyrr. Foresight Sports sendi í dag frá sér fréttatilkynningu vegna kaupanna.

Hér er fráttatilkynning frá Foresight:


Birgir Bjornsson, one of the leading golf club fitters in Iceland, has become the first in his North Atlantic country to switch from a radar-based launch monitor to the revolutionary GCQuad, designed by market-leading golf technology brand Foresight Sports.

A renowned club fitter for the last decade using the latest Tom Wishon, Titleist, Ping and shaft hardware, Birgir is now deploying the GCQuad to give his customers the best fitting service at Iceland’s top-ranked Keilir Golf Club, a short drive from Reykjavik. 

Iceland has more than 10,000 regular golfers who rely on the accuracy of their shots rather than power and distance to play its spectacular Arctic courses, often surrounded by lava rocks and water.

“The GCQuad is a big improvement on the radar-based launch monitor I’ve been accustomed to using and the accuracy of the information is just unbelievable,” said Birgir, whose company is called Golfkylfur. “Most of my time is spent on the range with customers who want to be custom fitted for a new set of irons or a new driver, so to have access to all the technology and immediate feedback it offers will make my business much more productive and I can fulfil its full potential.

“The impressive impact location is a stand-out feature that makes club fitting so much easier. I need complete confidence in the launch monitor to give feedback that is 100% trustworthy and the GCQuad offers that. The technology is just something else – no other launch monitor comes close to providing so much key information and statistics. The more accurate the information, the better I can fit golfclubs for my clients. I believe the GCQuad is the best – which is what my customers deserve,” added Birgir.

The GCQuad is the world’s first Quadrascopic launch monitor, containing four high-resolution cameras to deliver the most accurate club and ball data in a single compact device.

It can be used for both indoor and outdoor fitting sessions, as a barometric sensor detects instant changes to temperature and altitude conditions for the most precise down-range values possible.

A viewable display screen and long-life Lithium battery make outdoor range use, fitting or instruction sessions easier than ever; while there is excellent connectivity, including Wifi and USB connections.

Foresight Sports Europe Director Edward Doling commented: “As demand for custom fitting increases, we’re seeing a marked upturn in sales as club professionals and specialist club fitters like Birgir demand the very best technology. The commitment shown in our product from such an experienced club fitter as Birgir is great for our brand and further cements the reputation we have for producing market-leading monitors and simulators.”

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